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Section Page News - Automotive News

Section Page News - Automotive News
  1. ‘Civic is just on fire,' helping to drive Honda sales surge

    With multiple body styles and trims, the family of compacts continues to be the star of the show over at Honda in a truck-obsessed market.

  2. A Nissan dealer wish list for the next CEO

    Asked to give advice to a CEO who hasn't been hired yet, Nissan retailers from around the country asked for consistency more than anything else.

  3. What UAW workers really want

    Whether they have decades of experience on the assembly line or were hired only months ago, many workers who walked off the job at GM plants last week said they were striking for the same reasons.

  4. In GM strike, old grievances get retooled for new era

    As the UAW strike against GM nears a second week, the issues in dispute are similar to those that sparked walkouts in the past: health care, wages and the company’s commitment to invest in U.S. operations.

  5. GM offer to save Lordstown had a catch: Lower pay

    The automaker was prepared to build EV batteries in an Ohio town that’s been sweating the prospect that a manufacturing era is ending. But there was a catch. GM and a supplier would offer wages similar to what the company pays non-assembly workers who top out at $17 an hour.

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