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Woman discovers fiance's affair on Russian version of Google Maps Featured

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A Russian woman ended her engagement after discovering her fiancé was having an affair through Russia's version of Google’s map service.

She spotted her fiance with another woman on the Russian maps website Yandex.

Marina Voinova, 24, was searching for the address of her house on Yandex Maps, a service that unlike Google Maps doesn't automatically blur recognisable faces.

But when an image of her home in Perm, Western Russian loaded, she was horrified to see her partner of five years Sasha, with his arms around a mystery brunette.

He can then be seen kissing the slender woman, who has not been named, as they walk down the road.

Miss Voinova told how she has been left devastated by the infidelity of the "love of her life" and has since called of her engagement after proving that he was having an affair.

The office worker told Life News, a Russian news organisation: "First I noticed a familiar silhouette [and] I thought 'how could someone look so similar to my Sasha?'

“I looked more carefully, zoomed in saw it was indeed him and indeed her. I realised that he was lying and cheating on me all this time."

Using the site to look at a picture of one of her neighbourhood’s buildings, she was able to recognise her partner from a sling he was wearing when he broke his arm.

Describing the discovery as "fate", she went home and confronted her fiancé, who immediately confessed to his affair.

"When Sasha came home, I immediately called him to computer and asked him to find that address in the map,” she said.

“When the image loaded, Sasha's face changed in colour. I looked in his eyes, waiting for explanations."

He admitted he had made a mistake, that he did not love the other woman and begged forgiveness. But a furious Miss Voinova then called of their wedding.

She added: "At first I regretted searching for that address on internet, but eventually realised that it was silly to blame the Web for my boyfriend's unfaithfulness.”

Her fiancée, who has only been identified by his first name, has not commented.

A spokesman for the map service said any person who has a problem with their face appearing on the site, can request to have the image removed on “legitimate” grounds.

In 2009 a woman began divorce proceedings after spotting her husband’s car parked outside another woman’s house on the internet giant’s Street View service.

Henry Greenberg

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