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Weatherman faints during plane stunt Featured

Weatherman faints during plane stunt Weatherman faints during plane stunt

A TV weatherman Grant Denyer passes out while reporting on what it is like to experience intense acceleration.

Mr Denyer, a weatherman for Channel 7 Sunrise was already looking queasy during his live report as stunt fighter pilot Matt Hall twisted and turned the plane he was strapped into.

"I want to see how long I can last at G8," Mr Denyer said referring to the effect of gravity upon anything that is under acceleration.

In a plane on level flight a person would feel normally feel a force of G1.

"I want to know if I'm as tough as Matt Hall," he joked on-air shortly before finding out the answer to his own question when his body slumped to the side and eyes rolled back into his head as he succumbed to the intense gravitational force.

His shocked co-host Mel Doyle, who was watching via a satellite hookup, exclaimed: "Oh My God. He's passed out! Oh, cut! We don't want to see."

Ryan Summers

Ryan Summers is an American travel writer, author, activist and television personality. His travel philosophy encourages people to explore less-touristed areas of destinations and to become immersed in the local people’s way of life. 

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