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  1. Ford invests $500 million in Rivian to create an 'all-new' EV
    It's now patently clear why Rivian turned down GM's exclusive investment -- it wanted to remain open to other juicy deals. Ford has announced that it's investing $500 million in Rivian, and is forming a "strategic partnership" to produce an "all-new...
  2. Chrome update stops websites from tracking you in Incognito Mode
    Google has launched Chrome 74 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, bringing with it a bunch of handy new features, although some -- such as Incognito detection blocking -- require a bit of tinkering to access.
  3. YouTube will label videos to help European users avoid fake news
    Google has launched some new tools in a bid to fight misinformation about upcoming elections in Europe. A large part of that effort is focused on YouTube, where Google will launch publisher transparency labels in Europe, showing news sources which re...
  4. Twitter makes it easier to report election tweets that deliberately mislead people
    With a number of high profile elections taking place around the world in the coming months, social media platforms are gearing themselves up for the inevitable onslaught of fake news and misleading information. Twitter has announced that it's doublin...
  5. Traeger Ironwood 650 review: WiFi is the ultimate pitmaster
    I'll admit it: I was skeptical that a WiFi-connected grill could really improve my casual culinary exploits. During my review of Traeger's Timberline 850 though, I would discover it's actually very useful -- especially for things that take several ho...
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