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Food.com: Newest recipes

  1. Scrambled Eggs With Garlic Scapes
    I bought some garlic scapes from an organic farmer at the local farmers' market this morning. He said to try them in scrambled eggs... -- posted by Linky
  2. American Test Kitchen Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie
    I keep all my recipes here. -- posted by Nado2003
  3. Savory Mice Pastry / Giant Sausage Rolls
    Simple family favorite. # Can use what ever veg you have on hand, greated pumpkin and chopped spinach is another fav of mine -- posted by Alyce C.
  4. One-Pot Turmeric Coconut Rice With Greens
    From the Washington Post. I made some modifications at the suggestion of some of the comments to amp up the flavors a bit; they're included in the recipe. -- posted by lecole54
  5. Instant Pot Apricot Jam
    A simple apricot jam made in a pressure cooker. -- posted by Michael Sommermeyer
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