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Food.com: Newest recipes

  1. Copycat Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage
    This breakfast sausage, with multiple variations, will be your new favorite breakfast sausage that tastes better than the store-bought kind! -- posted by Jonathan Melendez
  2. Copycat Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Fillet Sandwich
    A delicious spicy fried chicken sandwich in a toasted potato bun with lettuce, tomato and mayo. -- posted by Jonathan Melendez
  3. Copycat Panera Bread Spinach & Artichoke Soufflé
    This delicious breakfast soufflé takes some help from the store by using pre-made spinach artichoke dip as the base! -- posted by Jonathan Melendez
  4. Copycat Red Lobster Nantucket Baked Cod
    A simple, yet flavorful, baked cod perfectly seasoned and topped with tomato slices and Parmesan! -- posted by Jonathan Melendez
  5. French Onion Chicken
    A Laura Mirashiro recipe. -- posted by gailanng
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