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Odd News - UPI.com

Odd News - UPI.com
  1. Look: 100-year-old shipwreck remains wash up on North Carolina coast
    The remains of a century-old shipwreck were uncovered on a beach in North Carolina, town officials said.
  2. Look: Fisherman catches 170-pound 'prehistoric' fish in Oklahoma
    Wildlife officials in Oklahoma shared a photo of a fisherman's "prehistoric" catch -- a giant alligator gar weighing in at 170 pounds.
  3. Look: Woman wins lottery prize thanks to mistake about kid's age
    A Michigan woman said she owes her $78,000 lottery jackpot to a mistake she made about her own child's age.
  4. Watch: Man uninjured in collision with runaway cow
    A runaway cow led Texas police on a miles-long chase through city streets and was caught on video knocking over a pedestrian and jumping over him.
  5. Look: Skydiver's lost prosthetic leg turns up at lumber yard
    An unlucky skydiver was reunited with an important possession after the prosthetic leg he lost in mid-air turned up at a California lumber yard.
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