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Odd News - UPI.com

Odd News - UPI.com
  1. Confused gator steals golfer's ball in Florida
    A Florida golfer said she was able to avoid a penalty thanks to a confused alligator that snatched her ball out of the air.
  2. Watch: Skier pulled by horse-drawn buggy in Minnesota
    An astonished traveler on a Minnesota road captured video of a man skiing through the snow at a high speed while being pulled by a horse and buggy.
  3. Look: Man follows fortune cookie's advice to a lottery jackpot
    A Maryland man said a piece of advice from a fortune cookie turned out to be prescient when he won a $100,000 lottery jackpot.
  4. Watch: Doughnut shop celebrates opening with gold-coated pastry
    A Florida doughnut shop is celebrating its grand opening with a $100 doughnut containing 24-karat gold and Cristal champagne.
  5. Look: Trapped cat rescued from inside cinder block wall
    Animal rescuers in California came to the rescue of a "terrified cat" that found itself trapped inside a cinder block wall.
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