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Moment Anamorphic Lens Delayed Again Featured

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There are many reasons why your shipment may be delayed. Usually, this is caused by one important detail or declaration that’s been missed. However, delays can also be due to other circumstances, such as weather and issues at the port. What you do not do as a company is say nothing. The team at https://www.shopmoment.com have neglected this. Since the kickstarter campaign launched there has been some buzz in the indie / phone film maker community about the new Anamorphic lens that Moment has created. 

However, the promised release date appears to be getting pushed back further and further. Since this reporter began reviewing the launch dates it appears to have been set from October to Late October, and then late November and now as of this publication the current date is some time in December. 

 When we reached out to the support team we received this canned message.

"This is an automated confirmation email to let you know that we have received your message and are working quickly to respond. We are a small team and do our best to answer asap. With the new iPhone announcement, we are receiving a higher volume of emails than normal and it is taking us an average of 24-48 hours to reply. We'd really love to offer phone support, but with a small team of 25 people, we just don't have enough resources."

Since their small team spends more time sightseeing on their globe-trotting missions and personal film festivals and less time giving attention to the customers that pay for the party we've put together an Email Template that they can use for each time they delay the rollout. Which seems to be a trend that will continue. 

We regret that we are still unable to send the Anamorphic Lens you ordered from our website. The demand for this popular item has exceeded our expectations and our stock has yet to be filled. However, the supplier promises delivery of more lenses in about X weeks. Please advise us whether you want to cancel your order or have us hold your order and ship the lens when it becomes available. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Andrew Bass

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