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Tattoo gets man free year of Netflix

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LIkey the tattoo cost more than the free year of netflix LIkey the tattoo cost more than the free year of netflix

A man who permanently inked his body with the Netflix brandname has received a year-long free subscription to the online streaming service.A man using the Twitter account TheRealMyron, later identified by media reports as Myron Robinson of Kokomo, Ind., sent out a message with a photo of his recent tattoo — the Netflix logo on his upper torso.

The message was directed at Netflix, with Robinson telling the company he "loves them" and that it should feature him in a commercial.

"NO WAY! Free year for you," some tweeted from the U.S. Netflix account when they saw the photo of Robinson's tattoo.

When Robinson heard the news, he tweeted that "Netflix just made my year." He continued to press the company for a commercial cameo and asked Netflix to offer him a job. It appears the company has not responded to those requests.

But, not everyone is impressed with Robinson's new body art. In a Reddit discussion forum where the story was posted, commentators questioned his reasoning. One person cringed at the idea of copy-cat tattoos, saying "Prepare for a wave of idiots with Netflix tattoos hoping to get a free year."

Many commentators also said they thought that Netflix should have offered Robinson a free lifetime subscription rather than just a year.

A Netflix subscription costs $7.99 per month, meaning a year-long subscription tallies just under $100 before taxes.

Robinson is a college student and entrepreneur with his own clothing line, according to his Twitter account.

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